This webpage is dedicated to providing members with current, easy-to-use tools for participating in grassroots advocacy. Ultimately, these toolkits will assist all NAHMA members in becoming effective grassroots advocates. Current grassroots topics and opportunities for participation in advocacy may be found on the ‘Urgent Issues‘ page.

Getting Started with Advocacy

Affordable Housing Policy Issues

  1. NAHMA 2023 Top Legislative Priorities (February 2023)NAHMA’s key policy issues for the 118th Congress (2023-2024).
  2. LIHTC Advocacy Resources The ACTION Campaign provides information on the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and how Congress can support this essential program.
    1. National Housing Credit Fact Sheet
    2. Housing Credit Talking Points
    3. Housing Credit FAQs
    4. How the LIHTC Works 
  3. Pandemic Advocacy and Updates (See Federal Legislative Action)

How to Find Your Congressional Representatives

NAHMA is happy to help you decide what times are best to visit Capitol Hill, who you would like to meet with, and how to best present your message. If you would like NAHMA to schedule the appointment on your behalf, simply contact NAHMA’s Government Affairs Team. Alternatively, if you would like to meet with a member of Congress and it is more convenient to schedule a visit in your Representative’s District, please contact us so that we may provide any additional assistance.

Support Advocacy at NAHMA

Please note that participating in a NAHMA request for communication with your Congressional representatives will not cause you to be considered a Lobbyist under federal guidelines. The definition for Lobbyist under federal guidelines is as follows, and all three conditions must be met:
Lobbyist: Any individual (1) who is either employed or retained by a client for financial or other compensation (2) whose services include more than one lobbying contact; and (3) whose “lobbying activities” constitute 20 percent or more of his or her services on behalf of thatclient during any three month period.

AHMA 501(c)3 Organizations and Lobbying – Federal guidelines in lobbying and the role of the AHMAs in the advocacy process