NAHMA 2024 Continuing Education Tracking Form

The Certified Professional of Occupancy™ (CPO™) course is the only comprehensive program covering the entire HUD Handbook 4350.3 including the latest revisions. Each participant receives an updated version of this Handbook in the course.

An extensive course manual with 31 chapters covers topics from eligibility criteria, standards, tenant selection and screening to non-discrimination, allowances, adjusted income, certifying tenants and annual recertification. Each chapter is followed by a mini quiz with an opportunity for questions. Evening optional review sessions are offered.

After a three-day CPO course, taught by NAHMA-certified instructors who are experts on HUD’s occupancy standards, managers will have mastered using the HUD Handbook effectively. Once completing the two and one-half days of interactive instruction, participants will be given a voucher to take the online exam. The voucher expires after three weeks. Students are notified immediately of their test results upon completion of the exam.

The CPO is a requirement for NAHMA’s NAHP® designation program. All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a CPO certificate and will be listed in NAHMA’s online Credential Directory.

Once the CPO certificate is earned, you will need to renew it each year. Renewal includes earning 6 hours of continuing education (6 CEUs) each year, as well as payment of a modest renewal fee of $120 per year. Submission of the completed CEU form will be due each January along with your payment. The CEUs must have an occupancy-related focus to ensure that you stay on top of new rules, regulations and standards issued by HUD.

PLEASE NOTE: Certificate holders will be self-certifying each year and do not need to send in an attendance letter, certificate, event literature or certificate of their continuing education.

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