For information on specific classes being offered, please contact the AHMA or organization directly.

**All dates and locations are subject to change.

July 2022

7 Budgeting and Bottom Line Thinking Webinar
11 Tax Credit Training and Online SHCM Exam Webinar
11-13 Certified Professional Occupancy (CPO) Course Little Rock, AR
12 Determining “Adjusted” Income/Dealing with Expenses & Deductions (1/2 day) Webinar
12 Understanding HUD Compliance Webinar
12-13 Tax Credit/SHCM Exam Virtual
13 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Columbia, SC
14 General Management Policies (1/2 day) [this will cover: Management Plan, Property Policies, Tenant Transfer Policies, and Waiting List Management} Webinar
14 Understanding HUD Compliance Webinar

Working with Unearned Income


New HUD Managers – The Good, The Bad, The Necessary


Conquering HUD Multifamily Housing Compliance

Salem, OR oregon ahma
20 Best Practices for Communicating with Residents Webinar
20 Documentation of Resident Infractions Webinar
20 Proper Financial Management of RD Properties Webinar oregon ahma
21 Calculating Assets and Expenses Webinar
26 Intermediate LIHTC Compliance Webinar
26 Service Programs on a Shoestring Webinar
27 SHCM Exam Prep: Program Requirements Webinar
28 Working with Assets Webinar

August 2022

4 Fair Housing = Happy Housing Webinar
9 EIV Basics Webinar oregon ahma
9 Do the Right Thing Property Mgt Ethics Webinar
9 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Certification Virtual
9-11 3-Day CPO Virtual
9-12 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Certification: Virtual
10 Tax Credit CEU Trevose, PA
10 Proper Financial Management of RD Properties Webinar oregon ahma
11 Medical Expenses – HUD Webinar
11 EIV Advanced Webinar oregon ahma
15-17 Certified Professional Occupancy (CPO) Course San Antonio, TX
16 Basic EIV Webinar
16-18 Conquering LIHTC Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma
17 Layered Properties – Do’s and Don’ts Webinar
18 SHCM Exam Prep: Eligibility of the Unit Webinar
22 2022 Leadership Affordable Housing Conference Webinar
22-25 Certified Professional of Occupancy Virtual
25 Capital Planning and Asset Preservation Webinar

September 2022

7 EIV 101 Webinar
7-8 LIHTC Fundamentals & Advanced& SHCM Exam Cleveland, OH
8 Analyzing the Impacts of Affordable Housing Online Application Processes Webinar
9 NAHMA Fair Housing Compliance Virtual
13 Half Day Fair Housing Webinar
13 Basic LIHTC Management Webinar
14 NEAHMA Maintenance Expo at Gillette Webinar
15 Income & Assets Verification & Calculation Webinar
15 COQ Made Easy Webinar
20 Self Auditing Tax Credit Files Webinar oregon ahma
20 Service Programs on a Shoestring Webinar
20-21 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Virtual
21 Reasonable Accomodations Webinar
22 Deductions – HUD Webinar
22 REAC/NSpire Columbus, OH
22 EIV Policies & Procedures and Reports Webinar
22-25 Utility Allowance Procedures Webinar
27 Fair Housing Timely Topics Webinar oregon ahma
27 Fire Prevention and Protection Webinar
28 EIV 201 Webinar
29 Understanding Utility Allowance Webinar

October 2022

5-6 NAHMA’s Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Course Virtual
11 Fall Management Conference Blue Bell, PA
11 Waiting List Management for HUD Properties Webinar oregon ahma
11 Terminations in Subsidized Housing Webinar
13 Understanding HUD Deductions Webinar oregon ahma
13 LEP Plans and Fair Housing Webinar
14 Breakfast Meeting (in-person) Tentative
18 Basic Occupancy Webinar
18 Ensuring LIHTC Compliance on Dec. 31st (1/2 day) Webinar
19 Dealing with Hoarding Webinar
19 NAHMA CPO (1 Day Accelerated) In Person, TBD penndelahma
20 MOR Columbus, OH

PAHMA 2022 Fall Conference

Seven Springs Convention Center Champion, PA
25-27 Conquering RD Multifamily Housing Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma
27 Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Webinar

November 2022

8-9 Conquering Home Multifamily Housing Compliance Webinar oregon ahma
9-10 NAHMA Tax Credit Training & SHCM Exam In Person, Brunswick, NJ
10 Best Practices for Communicating with Residents Webinar oregon ahma
15 Basic Tax Credit Webinar
TBD FHC Course Virtual
15-17 Fall Conference & Vendor Exhibition Richmond, VA
16 HUD Basic Occupancy Webinar
29 MOR Ready Set Go Webinar
30 Are you Ready for RAD? Webinar

December 2022

13 Intermediate LIHTC Compliance Richmond, VA
14 Advanced LIHTC Compliance Richmond, VA
15 Exam Administration Richmond, VA

On Demand Training

  Rural Development Fundamentals Webinar
  Understanding HOME Webinar
  Tax Credit Basics Webinar
  Fair Housing Basics Webinar
  SAHMA Learning Library Webinar
  504 Coordinator Webinar
  A Guide to Your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan Webinar
  Basic Tax Credit Webinar
  Calculating Assets Webinar
  Calculating Expenses Webinar
  Calculating Income Webinar
  Death of a Resident Webinar
  Determining Effective Dates Webinar
  EIV Discrepancy Reports Webinar
  EIV Policies & Procedures and Reports Webinar
  Fair Housing for Maintenance Webinar
  Introduction to Layering Tax Credit and HUD Properties Webinar
  REACtion to REAC Webinar
  Recertifications While Social Distancing Webinar
  Smoke Free Implementation Webinar
  Student Rules Webinar
  Terminations in Subsidized Housing: Assistance and Tenancy Webinar
  Understanding the UPCS/REAC Process Webinar
  Waiting List Management Webinar