For information on specific classes being offered, please contact the AHMA or organization directly.

**All dates and locations are subject to change.

November 2018

5-6 Tax Credit Training and Online SHCM Exam Jackson, MS
6 Marketing & Lease UP CA ahma psw
7 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Jackson, MS
7 Documentation of Resident Infractions Webinar
7-8 Tax Credit Training and SHCM Exam CT
8 Meaningful Engagement with Residents in Affordable Housing: Why is This Critical? Webinar
13 Service Coordinators Shared Best Practices Oakland, CA ahma-nch
13 EIV Pomona, CA ahma psw
13-15 Fall Regional Conference (AJ-Nov.13-14) Midlothian/Richmond, VA mid-atlantic ahma
14 Service Programs on a Shoestring Webinar
14 504  Coordinator Atlanta, GA
14 VAWA Compliance Webinar
14 Identifying Reportable Hoarding Clues Among Older-Adults Webinar ahma psw/ahma-nch
14 Fair Housing Trends & Hot Topics: Hoarding, Harassment, and Hoodlums Salem, OR oregon ahma
14 The Basic Fundamentals of Fair Housing and Section 504 Webinar ahma psw/ahma-nch
15 Management Occupancy Review (MOR) Preparation Webinar
15 Make Ready & Preventative Maintenance Sacramento, CA ahma-nch
15 ACPO Los Angeles, CA ahma psw
15-16 Tax Credit and SHCM Exam Princeton, NJ jahma
20 Make Ready Preventative Maintenance (Spanish Only) Oakland, CA ahma-nch
21 The Elephant in the Room: Non Smoking Policies: Best Practices Webinar
27 NAHMA Presents: People Skills on Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Webinar Contact Your Local AHMA

December 2018

3 Managing the LIHTC Utility Allowance Webinar ahma psw/ahma-nch
3 How to write an (Approvable) AFHMP Webinar ahma psw/ahma-nch
4-6 CPO Certification Class Oakland, CA ahma-nch
5 Interviewing Applicants for Move-In: It’s an Art and a Science Webinar
6 Handling Disasters, At the Time, and Getting Back to Business Webinar
11-13 Tax Credit Compliance Course (w/SHCM option) Glen Allen, VA mid-atlantic ahma
12 Member Meeting CA ahma psw
12 Everyday Techniques for Adressing Interpersonal Challenges Webinar
12 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Columbia, SC
13 Advanced EIV Class Sacramento, CA ahma-nch
19 Basic EIV Webinar

January 2019

15 Basic Tax Credit MA
15 CT Quarterly Meeting CT
16 MA Quarterly Meeting MA
17 RI Quarterly Meeting RI
23-25 Conquering HUD Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma
29 Basic Occupancy Training MA

February 2019

6 EIV for Beginners                          MA
12-13 Asset & Income Boot Camp MA

March 2019

12-14 LIHTC Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma
19 1/2 Day Fair Housing 8:00 AM MA
19 Reasonable Accommodations – 1:00PM MA
19 CT Quarterly Meeting CT
20 MA Quarterly Meeting MA
21 RI Quarterly Meeting MA
26 Deductions and Rent Calculations MA
27 Advanced EIV MA
28 RI Agency Breakfast RI

April 2019

25 The Annual REAC Refresher Salem, OR oregon ahma


November 2019

13-15 Conquering RD Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma