For information on specific classes being offered, please contact the AHMA or organization directly.

**All dates and locations are subject to change.

June 2020

2 LIHTC Unit Rules Webinar
3 Intermediate HUD Occupancy Webinar
4 Fair Housing Timely Topics Webinar
4-6 Basic HUD Occupancy Webinar ahma-nch
8-10 CPO 1-Day Cerification Class Webinar ahma-nch
9 Management & Best Practices for Section 8 Properties Webinar
9-11 CPO 1-Day Training Norwood, MA
10 Intermediate LIHTC Compliance Webinar
10 Terminations in Subsidized Housing Webinar
10 Special Claims Webinar
10 Creating Communities of Caring Webinar ahma-nch
10 Being a More Successful Community Manager Webinar
10 Terminations in Subsidized Housing Webinar
11 Update on New HUD/IRS Guidance for Affordable Housing Properties Webinar
11 Acquisition/Rehab – Critical Issues for Success Webinar

How to Process Recertification Social Distancing

Webinar ahma-psw
11 Importance of Water Conservation and Efficiency Webinar
11 Terminations in Subsidized Housing Webinar
16 USDA RD Update Webinar
16 504 Coodinator Webinar ahma-nch
16 Income Calculations in Times of Uncertainty Webinar


CPO Course Virtual Training penndell ahma
18 It’s About Ethics: Creating and Maintaining Personal and Professional Boundaries Webinar
18 Basic EIV Webinar
22 How to detect LIHTC Resident and Applicant Fraud Webinar
22-23 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Virtual Training
23 Income & Assets Verification & Calculation Webinar
23 Challenges and Solutions for Conducting Annual Recertifications for HUD and Tax Credit Purpose During the Covid-19 Pandemic Webinar
24 Bringing LGBT Domestic Violence “Out of the Closet” Webinar ahma-nch
24 How to Write an (Approvable) AFHMP Webinar
25 Assistance Animals Webinar

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Webinar ahma-psw
29 The Future of Physical Inspections Webinar
30 Mastering the Rent Increase Process for HUD Orange, CA ahma-psw
30 Fair Housing and the Covid-10 Pandemic Webinar

July 2020

7-8 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Virtual Training

Hot updates on the CARES Act, Arizona Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-14, and HUD’s January Assistive Animal Memo

Webinar ahma-psw

EIV: Policies, Procedures, and Reporting

Webinar ahma-psw
8 Conflict Resolution: Dealing With Difficult People Webinar ahma-nch
9 VAWA and the Emergency Transfer Plan Webinar
9 Basic HUD Occupancy Virtual Training
9 Advanced LIHTC Compliance Webinar
14 Managing the LIHTC Utility Allowance Webinar
15 Safety Planning: Minimizing Impacts to Operations Webinar
15 Critical Policies for Affordable Housing Properties Webinar
15-17 Conquering HOME Multifamily Compliance Salem, OR oregon ahma
16 SHCM Exam Prep: Program Requirements Webinar
21 Mold 101 (Free!) Webinar
22 Understanding HOME Webinar
22 How to Prepare for a MOR or Audit Webinar ahma-psw
22 It’s About Ethics: Creating and Maintaining Personal/ Professional Boundaries Webinar ahma-nch
22-23 LIHTC/SHCM Indianapolis, Indiana
23 Integrated Pest Management Webinar
23 Getting NSPIRE Webinar
28 REAC Update: Restart & Scoring Webinar
29 Interviewing Applicants for Move-In (for HUD & Tax Credit) Webinar

August 2020

4 Understanding 202/811 PRAC’s Webinar
5 COQ Made Easy Webinar
11 *New* Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Virtual Training
11 RAD Webinar
12 Compassion Fatigue: Work Life Balance to Avoid Burn-Out Webinar ahma-nch
13 SHCM Exam Prep: Eligibility of the Unit Webinar
13 Intermediate HUD Occupancy Virtual Training
17-18 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Course Virtual Training
17-19 SAHMA Leadership Affordable Housing Conference Virtual
20 Disaster Planning (Free) Webinar
26 Preparing for Physical Inspections Webinar
26 Aging Gracefully:Overview of Aging Process Webinar ahma-nch
26-27 CPO 1-Day Couse Virtual Training
26-28 Tax Credit Class with SHCM exam Helena, MT
26-28 Conquering LIHTC Compliance Salem. OR oregon ahma
27 Indoor Air Quality Webinar

September 2020

9 Understanding HOME Webinar
9 Grant Writing 101: Show Me The Money Webinar ahma-nch
9 LIHTC/SHCM Detroit, MI
10 File Management & Documentation for Affordable Housing Webinar
14-15 AHMA-NCH Annual Conference Oakland, CA ahma-nch
15-16 Accelerated Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Virtual Training
23 Fair Housing Webinar
23 Senior Bullying Seniors Webinar ahma-nch
23-24 LIHTC, SHCM Cincinnati, OH

October 2020

7 Embracing Cultural Diversity in Senior Housing Webinar ahma-nch
13-14 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Course Virtual Training
20-22 SHCM Training
21 Intergenerational Communication and Programming Webinar ahma-nch
21-23 Conquering Rural Development Compliance Salem. OR oregon ahma

November 2020

4 Best Practices: Developing and Delivering Effective Resident Services Program Webinar ahma-nch
17 811/202 with RAD for PRAC Webinar
17-20 Annual Mid-Atlantic AHMA Fall Conference  TBD
18 Best Practicies: Non and Smoke Free Housing Communities Webinar ahma-nch

December 2020

2 Making It Through: Disaster Preparedness for Seniors Webinar ahma-nch

On Demand Training

SAHMA Learning Library Webinar
Calculation Assets Webinar
Rural Development Fundamentals Webinar
Understanding HOME Webinar
Tax Credit Basics Webinar
Fair Housing Basics Webinar