For information on specific classes being offered, please contact the AHMA or organization directly.

**All dates and locations are subject to change.

September 2020

3 Medical Deduction Webinar
9 Understanding HOME Webinar
9 Grant Writing 101: Show Me The Money Webinar ahma-nch
9 LIHTC/SHCM Detroit, MI
10 SHCM Exam Prep: Certifying Income Eligibility Webinar Webinar
10 Income & Assets Verification & Calculation Webinar
10 Staying On Track: Tracking Lease-Ups for LIHTC Training Properties Webinar oregon ahma
14-15 AHMA-NCH Annual Conference Oakland, CA ahma-nch
14-15 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Certification Virtual Training
15-16 Accelerated Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Virtual Training
16 Tax Credit Essentials Virtual Training
16 Elderly Bond Compliance Certification Webinar oregon ahma
17 EIV Policies & Procedures and Reports Webinar
22 How to Write an (Approvable)  AFHMP Webinar oregon ahma
23 Basic LIHTC Webinar
23 Membership Meeting Virtual
23 Advanced Legal Seminar- Western WA Issues Webinar
23 Seniors Bullying Seniors Webinar ahma-nch
23 Covid-19 Clean and Disinfection Applications for Multifamily Properties Webinar oregon ahma
23-24 LIHTC, SHCM Cincinnati, OH
24 Taking On Management? How Smart Managers Can Transition with Ease! Webinar oregon ahma
24 Advanced Legal Seminar- Eastern WA Issues Webinar
24 Landscaping and Site Sustainability Practices Webinar
29 Preparing for a HUD MOR Webinar oregon ahma
29 COVID19 & The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Maintenance Staff Live Webinar
30 How to Detect Resident and Applicant Fraud Webinar

October 2020

6 Fair Housing Timely Topics Webinar oregon ahma
7 Embracing Cultural Diversity in Senior Housing Webinar ahma-nch
7 Combined Funding Challenges: Student Eligibility, Over Income and Rents/UA Webinar
7 504 Coordinator Virtual Training
8 Recycling and Waste Reduction Webinar
13-14 Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) Course Virtual Training
14 SHCM Exam Prep: Calculations and Verifications Webinar
15 Resolving EIV Discrepancies Webinar
15 Safety Planning: Minimizing Impacts to Operations Live Webinar
15 New Guidance on Service and Emotional Support Animals Webinar oregon ahma
20-22 LIHTC training, with SHCM exam
21 Intergenerational Communication and Programming Webinar ahma-nch
21-23 Conquering Rural Development Multifamily Compliance Webinar oregon ahma
22 Leasing and Marketing Webinar
22 EIV Income Discrepancy Reports and Resolutions Webinar

November 2020

4 Best Practices: Developing and Delivering Effective Resident Services Program Webinar ahma-nch
4 EIV Made Easy Virtual Training
5 Green Cleaning Practices Webinar
10-11 Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO) Certification: Accelerated Virtual Training
12 Understanding the Unique Behavior Challenges Associated with Untreated Mental Health Conditions Webinar
12 SHCM Online Prep Course with Exam Option: Chapter 1 Program Regulations Webinar
12 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Webinar
13 SHCM Online Prep Course with Exam Option: Chapter 2 Unit Eligibility Webinar
16-19 25th Annual Mid-Atlantic AHMA Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing Conference | 2020  Virtual
17 811/202 with RAD for PRAC Webinar
18 Best Practices: Non and Smoke Free Housing Communities Webinar ahma-nch
18 SHCM Exam Prep: Recertification, Documentation & Record Keeping Webinar
19 Hoarding Webinar
19 SHCM Online Prep Course with Exam Option: Chapter 3  Applicant Eligibility & Certification Webinar
20 SHCM Online Prep Course with Exam Option: Chapter 4 Monitoring & Compliance Webinar

December 2020

2 Making It Through: Disaster Preparedness for Seniors Webinar ahma-nch

Tax Credit Compliance Course

Day 1: Intermediate LIHTC

Day 2: Advanced LIHTC

Vitural Training

On Demand Training

Rural Development Fundamentals Webinar
Understanding HOME Webinar
Tax Credit Basics Webinar
Fair Housing Basics Webinar
SAHMA Learning Library Webinar
504 Coordinator Webinar
A Guide to Your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan Webinar
Basic Tax Credit Webinar
Calculating Assets Webinar
Calculating Expenses Webinar
Calculating Income Webinar
Death of a Resident Webinar
Determining Effective Dates Webinar
EIV Discrepancy Reports Webinar
EIV Policies & Procedures and Reports Webinar
Fair Housing for Maintenance Webinar
Introduction to Layering Tax Credit and HUD Properties Webinar
REACtion to REAC Webinar
Recertifications While Social Distancing Webinar
Smoke Free Implementation Webinar
Student Rules Webinar
Terminations in Subsidized Housing: Assistance and Tenancy Webinar
Understanding the UPCS/REAC Process Webinar
Waiting List Management Webinar