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REAC Physical Inspections

The August 2001 meeting between the Industry, REAC and HUD staff went well. We are close to agreement on about 40 definition changes that will go into version 3.0 of the Physical Inspection Software in mid 2002.

The full details on the current definitions, discussion, and agreed changes is available in the definitions worksheets, which can be downloaded. The document is 45 pages long and contains agreed changes, and NAHMA’s comments that were submitted in late August. This document is still in work, and these changes will only be implemented with PASS version 3.0.

We are also moving toward solution on the problem of point deductions for window air conditioners. While we have not been able to get agreement from HUD on taking window air units completely out of the protocol, they have tentatively agreed to set the point deductions for units at 0, and set a 3-5 year period to allow units to be sleeved or removed. The issue of grandfathering existing resident owned Air Conditioners is still in discussion.

In recent weeks REAC has also issued a PIOP (Physical Inspection Operation Bulletin, another new acronym) on Mold. Download PIOP 19

Earlier PIOP’s

  • PIOP 18 – On Fire Exits, Window Air Conditioners and furniture blockage
  • POIP 17 – Snow Policy
  • PIOP 16 – Inspectable Items Matrix