USDA Rural Housing Issues

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Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA)

Comprehensive Property Assessment and Portfolio Analysis Prepared for RHS

General Regulatory Documents

Internal Payments Audit and Improper Payments

Management Fees and Issues

Multifamily Housing Revitalization and Preservation Program

Rental Assistance (Section 521)

RHS Multifamily Housing Origination, Asset Management and Servicing Handbooks

RHS released these handbooks to accompany the Interim Final Streamlining (3560) Rule 3560. According to RHS, they are not effective until the effective date of the Interim Final Rule 3560, which is February 24, 2005. (The listings below are the links to RHS’ website).

Section 515

Section 538

Supreme Court Prepayment Decision

Tenant Certifications

USDA Voucher Program

THe USDA Office of Housing and Community Facilities Programs, and HUD Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, issued a notice announcing the demonstration USDA Voucher Program to be administered by HUD. HUD and USDA issued a joint public noice announcing $16 million was available for these vouchers and setting forth the policies and procedures for using the vouchers.