This webpage is dedicated to providing members current grassroots advocacy action campaigns. Current topics and opportunities for participation are listed below, and these will be updated as new issues arise.

July 26,2021

Dear NAHMA Members,

I hope this message finds you well. Next week, NAHMA and housing industry colleagues will meet with leaders from the Biden Administration, including White House staff and leaders from key agencies HUD, USDA, Treasury, and CFPB.  This discussion will center around eviction moratorium expiration, aiding residents to obtain emergency rental assistance, and vaccination outreach efforts. Our goal is to highlight the critical work that the affordable housing management industry has and continues to do during this pandemic, while advocating for increased funding support from the administration.

Separately, we are also requesting member participation in video campaign to support LIHTC.  Our advocacy request to members is two parts:

Please take a moment to share a story with NAHMA.

We are requesting brief summaries on how you and/or your company have assisted residents with vaccination clinics, obtaining emergency rental assistance, and providing other support (financial or resident service-related). Quantifiable information will be very helpful and greatly appreciated (for example data on the amount of vaccination clinics hosted/resident vaccinated, Amount of emergency rental assistance requested/received, or other resident support through prepayment agreements with residents, or events.) There is no length requirement, please share any information that you would like to highlight. If you or your company has a write-up or publication, please feel free to share it as an alternative.  **As always, NAHMA commits to protecting the identity of our members in discussion with the Administration and Lawmakers.  Unless you give us permission, all stories will be listed under “NAHMA Member”.**  

Please respond to this email or email Michal (at )  or Larry ( ).

Deadline: Monday, August 2, 2021.   

Share Your Housing Credit Story (Video Contest)

NAHMA is also requesting member participation to highlight the critical role that LIHTC plays in communities around the country.  In support of the ACTION Campaign, NAHMA “needs you to share your Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) story!  ACTION is requesting you to submit short video clips (2 minutes or less) by Friday, July 30, demonstrating how the Housing Credit allows you to do the work you do and impacts your community and the people you serve. These videos will help connect the real-life impact of the Housing Credit and the need for Congress to strengthen and expand the Housing Credit through the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.”  For additional information on this effort, including How it Works, Instructions, and Video Tips, please visit: HERE.  

Deadline: Friday, July 30, 2021.   

Your participation and feedback is vital in our advocacy efforts to obtain significant affordable housing investments, industry relief, and program funding.

Thank you in advance,

NAHMA Government Affairs Team


For information on contacting your Congressional Representatives please visit:

Please note that participating in a NAHMA request for communication with your Congressional representatives will not cause you to be considered a Lobbyist under federal guidelines. The definition for Lobbyist under federal guidelines is as follows, and all three conditions must be met:

Lobbyist: Any individual (1) who is either employed or retained by a client for financial or other compensation (2) whose services include more than one lobbying contact; and (3) whose “lobbying activities” constitute 20 percent or more of his or her services on behalf of that client during any three month period.

To learn more about federal guidelines in lobbying and the role of the AHMAs in the advocacy process, please read this report:
NAHMA Grassroots Advocacy: AHMA 501(c)3 Organizations and Their Role in Advocacy