2018 NAHMA Affordable 100 Specialty Lists

How many housing units receive at least one form of federal subsidy in the United States today? The annual NAHMA Affordable 100 list provides this important data!

The NAHMA Affordable 100 comprises the largest affordable multifamily property management companies, ranked by affordable unit counts. The NAHMA Affordable 100 list contributes vital data to the ongoing national dialogue on the future of federal funding for affordable housing. In an effort to accurately determine the portfolio of affordable units receiving federal subsidy in the United States, NAHMA publishes this annual listing of affordable units containing at least one of the following federal subsidies: HUD Project-based Assistance, Section 42 LIHTC, HOME funds, USDA Section 515, or Bonds.

NAHMA also presents two specialty lists – the 25 largest housing credit (LIHTC) property management companies, and the 25 largest Rural Development program property management companies (see below for more details).

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25 Largest Housing Credit (LIHTC) Property Management Companies

Rank Management Company Headquarters Housing Credit Units*
1.^  FPI Management, Inc.  Folsom, CA  38,768
2.^  WinnCompanies  Boston, MA  32,500
3.^  Pinnacle Property Management Services  Addison, TX  25,293
4.^  LEDIC Realty Company  Memphis, TN  23,529
5.  Dominium  Plymouth, MN  22,046
6.^  The Michaels Organization  Marlton, NJ  21,030
7.  McCormack Baron Management, Inc.  Saint Louis, MO  20,395
8.  The John Stewart Company  San Francisco, CA  19,887
9.  Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.  Austin, TX  19,043
10.  Alpha Barnes Real Estate Services  Dallas, TX  16,808
11.  ConAm Management Corporation  San Diego, CA  16,721
12.  KMG Prestige, Inc.  Mt. Pleasant, MI  16,289
13.^  Related Management  New York, NY  15,841
14.^  Edgewood Management Corporation  Gaithersburg, MD  14,980
15.  Richman Property Services, Inc.  Tampa, FL  14,460
16.  U.S. Residential Group, LLC  Irvine, CA  14,126
17.  Millennia Housing Management, Ltd.  Cleveland, OH  13,741
18.  The Cornerstone Group  Hollywood, FL  13,693
19.  The Hallmark Companies, Inc.  Atlanta, GA  13,405
20.  The NRP Group, LLC  Cleveland, OH  13,244
21.  Pedcor Management Corporation  Carmel, IN  13,139
22.  Rochester, NY  12,875
23.^  Reliant Realty Service, LLC  New York, NY  12,786
24.^  Mercy Housing  Denver, CO  12,759
25.  Cambridge Management, Inc.  Tacoma, WA  12,428


25 Largest Rural Development Program Property Management Companies

Rank Management Company Headquarters RD Program Units*
1.  KMG Prestige  Mt. Pleasant, MI  16,289
2.^  Related Management  New York, NY  15,841
3.  Richman Property Services, Inc.  Tampa, FL  14,460
4.  Boyd Management  Columbia, SC  9,511
5.  The Hallmark Companies, Inc.  Atlanta, GA  8,652
6.  J & A Inc.  Corinth, GA  8,390
7.^  Partnership Property Management  Greensboro, NC  7,343
8.^  Preservation Management  South Portland, ME  6,797
9.^  TM Associates Management, Inc.  Rockville, MD  6,212
10.^  Peabody Properties  Braintree, MA  6,086
11.  GEM Management  Charlotte, NC  5,307
12.  Medallion Management, Inc.  Kalamazoo, MI  4,914
13.^  Winterwood, Inc.  Lexington, KY  4,738
14.  Grenadier Realty  Brooklyn, NY  4,658
15.  NDC Real Estate  Pittsburgh, PA  4,596
16.^  The Michaels Organization  Marlton, NJ  4,105
17.^  Landura Management Associates  Winston-Salem, NC  3,997
18.  AWI Management Corporation  Auburn, CA  3,875
19.  Oakbrook Corporation  Madison, WI  3,838
20.  Professional Property Management  Rockford, IL  3,795
21.  Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.  Westerville, OH  3,598
22.  RLJ Management  Columbus, OH  3,567
23.  Hamilton Valley Management  Burnet, TX  3,382
24.  Conifer Realty  Rochester, NY  2,696
25.  Huff Management Co., Inc.  Opelika, AL  2,481

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^ A NAHMA Communities of Quality National Recognition Program Participant

* Unit data represent only units directly managed (not owned) that were rented or available to rent on Dec. 1, 2017. Down units, abated units, units under construction or rehabbing units not available for rent are not included. Data do not include state or local subsidy, public housing, tenant-based vouchers (Section 8 or RD tenant-protection vouchers), or federal mortgage insurance or loan guarantee programs.

NAHMA would like to extend its sincere thanks to the NAHMA Affordable 100 Task Force, without whose hard work and support this survey would not be possible. In particular, sincere appreciation goes to task force chair Rue Fox, ResMan Software and vice chair Julie Reynolds, Navigate Affordable Housing Partners; Evelyn Arias, RealPage Inc.; Boone Atkins, Yardi Systems; Mike Coco, Choice Property Resources Inc.; Janel Ganim, Entrata; David Layfield, ApartmentSmart.com; Gustavo Sapiurka, RealPage Inc.; Bill Sullivan, IPM Software; John Yang, RentalHousingDeals.com Inc.; and Sarah Upchurch, RealPage Inc.

If you believe your company should be included in next year’s survey, please contact Jennifer Jones, jjones@nahma.org.